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The benefits of membership with the AKKPS are...endless!

  • All AKKPS members will receive a $11 discount per pig when submitting DNA samples with UC Davis.  The total cost will be $29 (instead of the regular $40) to AKKPS members. 
  • Access to a special members-only repository of educational materials regarding all aspects of KuneKune ownership.
  • Exclusive access to advertise in our Members classified ads.
  • A free quarterly e-newsletter to all of our members. 
  • Access to our online herdbook where you can easily:
    • Search KuneKune Pedigrees
    • View offspring records for all KuneKunes on record
    • View ownership records, breeder records, registration numbers, identification numbers, color, number of wattles, gender, DNA Case #, and so much more for each KuneKune on record.
    • Run Trial Pedigrees.  Want to see what a Pedigree will look like for a potential mating?  With a few clicks of a button you will instantly have that information at hand.
    • View inbreeding percentages for all KuneKunes on record as well as view these percentages for the trial pedigrees that you run, thereby having a more informed decision about your buying and breeding plans.
  • Reduced rates over non-members for:
    • Registration of pigs/piglets.
    • Transfer of ownership of pigs/piglets
    • Litter notification.
    • Dual registration from any registry.
    • Show and exhibition entry fees.
    • Click here to read the Code of Ethics.
    • Please note Canadian registrations are marginally higher due to postal rates

  • Click here to join the AKKPS!

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