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American KuneKune Pig Society

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AKKPS is a multi-faceted organization with many talented and 

experienced people in the ranks.  

All working together to preserve this incredible breed.

How to Correctly Contact Your Director or the Registrar

Who and How to Contact the Right Person

For general AKKPS registration information, suggestions, questions or concerns, contact your AKKPS Director

Contact Us

Herdbook Correction Form is for registrations that have already been completed and have an item that is incorrect.

Herdbook Correction Form

Contact the Registrar is ONLY for questions pertaining to a registration that is IN HOUSE waiting to be completed.

Contact the Registrar

Contact the Webmaster for issues with the website.  (This form is NOT for Herd Book Related Request)

Contact the Webmaster

This form is used to request a log in and password for the AKKPS herdbook.  You must already have AKKPS registered pigs in your name in order to request

Herdbook Log In Request

This form is used for an AKKPS Member/Buyer who purchased an AKKPS registered pig and the AKKPS Member/Seller they Purchased from has not followed through on registering the pig

Buyers Registration Complaint/Step Plan

Please use this phone number when you have contacted AKKPS using one of the above forms and have not heard back

within 5 days.

If you are a non member and have questions, please email

Phone Calls will be returned within 5 business days.

Phone Number (434) 942-5528

No photos or content may be duplicated or copied without express permission in writing from the Board of Directors.

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