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American KuneKune Pig Society

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Permanent Identification

All piglets must be permanently identified prior to leaving for their new homes. This identification will be needed to register the piglets.

AKKPS accepts 3 forms of permanent identification for registration purposes. 


These forms of identification are for registration purposes only. 


The ID method should be placed in or on the pig prior to the pig leaving the breeder’s farm.


Should a chip no longer scan, an ear tag falls out, or a tattoo become illegible, a new form of identification should be done and AKKPS notified using the herd book correction form to change the identification number and or method.


AKKPS does not require USDA 840 identification however it is recommended.


USDA certified processors and other processors may require a certain form of identification or not allow certain forms of identification.  Please check with your processor to see what the requirements are for processing.


All states in the USA and Canada have identification requirements for CVI’s (Certified Vet Inspection) for transport.  Please consult each state for their requirements.


The following are the guidelines for each form of identification for AKKPS registration purposes.


·      Microchips – Any brand of chip is accepted.  The numbers should be unique, so the numbers are never repeated in any pig in the AKKPS herd book. 


·      Ear Tags – Any brand or style of ear tag is accepted.  The numbers and/or letters on the ear tag should be unique so the number is never repeated in any pig in the AKKPS herd book.  Only numbers and letters are accepted.


·      Tattoos - Tattoo your herd prefix in the right ear of the pig and tattoo the registration number in the left ear.  Tattoos fade easily and are not recommended but are accepted.

No photos or content may be duplicated or copied without express permission in writing from the Board of Directors.

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